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From September 26 onwards, Milk Inc will be heating up the arena in Antwerp’s Sportpaleis. A fifth concert, which will take place on October 17, was recently added to the schedule. If you want to go, be quick. More information is available on the Sportpaleis website. Ticket prices range between 22,5 and 30 EUR, which […] (read more)

Like we announced before in september, the new Milk Inc. single is No Angel, taken from their latest album Supersized. The cd-single contains 4 various mixes: Radio Edit (the album version), Deep Mix, Langlauf Mix (a jumpstyle mix), and a Live Mix (live from the Milk Inc. Supersized concert) (read more)

The new Milk Inc. single is gonna be No Angel, from the latest Milk Inc. album “Supersized”. The videoclip of “No Angel” is shot live at Milk Inc. Supersized. (read more)

On October 7th, Milk Inc. will release its new single. The track will be called Go to hell and will be first performed at the TMF Awards 2005. (read more)

  The new Milk Inc. single is called Blind. After the previous nr 1 hit single Whisper, it’ll be interesting to see if this single can top the previous one! The videoclip has already been done and everything is ready for a release on April 29th. Blind will be on the radios this week. (read more)

Our forum members probably already knew it, but it has now been officially confirmed that the new Milk Inc. single is called Blind. Check out the official Milk Inc site! (read more)

On October 11th Milk Inc. will release their first DVD ever. The DVD will feature the 18 Milk Inc. videos (including the foreign ones), 5 acoustic songs (I Don’t Care, Oceans, Walk On Water, Don’t Cry and Maybe). Furthermore commentary and other extras will be present. source: Offcial Milk Inc. site (read more)

On September 6th, Milk Inc. will release their next single which is called Whisper. The single-cd will contain the radio edit and the extended Mix. Lyrics and an exclusive sample of Whisper can be found on the official Milk Inc. website: (read more)

Australian Milk Inc fans will be happy to know that a 3CD Greatest Hits album has been released. The tracklisting is as follows: Disc One (Greatest Hits) In My Eyes (Radio Edit) La Vache (Praga Khan 7″ Vocal Version) Land Of The Living (Radio Mix) Walk On Water (H2O Radio Mix) Livin A Lie (Video […] (read more)

The official Milk Inc site has exclusive news about the new single (that is to be released in time for the TMF Awards later this year). The single will be called Whisper. The Radio Edit mix has been finished, while work on the remixes is ongoing. (read more)

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