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After Evi, it is now Ann Vervoort’s turn to talk in the Belgian press. Ann says that she does not like the bad press Regi is giving her (Regi said that Ann abandoned the group). According to Ann, she fell ill and announced her departure 3 months prior to quitting the group. Moreover, she said […] (read more)

Milk Inc Live

by stea

Milk Inc has started its series of live shows and is getting a lot of media attention in the regular press, calling Milk Inc. some of the best pop that comes from Belgium. In addition, Race is doing well in the charts, rising to number 22 in its second week … and lets not forget […] (read more)

P-magazine loves dance music: after Lasgo, Regi and Linda from Milk Inc are now on the cover of the magazine. It is only the 4th time that a man is on the cover of P-magazine. Inside, you can find a long interview with Linda and Regi about their career, performing and even something about Pat […] (read more)

Do not forget: tonight (midnight!) Jim TV will be airing Milk Incs Supersized II concert. (read more)

TMF has announced the nominations for the TMF Awards. In the Best Dance category, Milk Inc. is competing against Regi (:p), Goose and Shameboy. Both Milk Inc. and Kate Ryan have been nominated 3 times:Milk Inc. (Best Album, Best Dance, Best Live) and Kate Ryan (Best Album, Best Female Artist, Best Pop).Katerine is also nominated […] (read more)

They have just announced that they will be adding a 6th (yes 6th!) concert on October 18 to their set of concerts in the Antwerp Sportpaleis. This means that 95,000 people will go and see Milk Inc. (read more)

A teaser for the new Milk Inc video was posted on Youtube. Check it out! (read more)

If you want to see some nice pictures of Milk Inc.’s performance on the VTM live concert, than check out . (read more)

ARS have announced that the new Milk Inc. single from the Forever album will be The Race . The single will already be released in first half of September and the video is rumoured to be shot in Spain. (read more)

In it’s 8th week, Forever is still the number 1 album in Belgium. With a host of hit singles and sold-out concerts in the pocket, Milk Inc is definitely dominating the commercial dance scene here in Belgium. (read more)

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