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It remains one of our favorite clubs: Cafe d’Anvers in Antwerp. Now, Cafe d’Anvers returns to the CD market with a new compilation The Sound of the Underground 01 which will be released on Mostiko/CNR. This first edition was mixed by DJs Silicone Soul and contains 21 tracks. You will be listening to Silicone Soul […] (read more)

On the third of October 2000 and one will be playing in Antwerp at Mimazu (Cafe d’Anvers). We think that Dylan is really hot and will be there to dance the night away. (read more)

Café d’Anvers is celebrating its 14th birthday next weekend by organizing a party weekend (October 10 – 11 – 12). During these nights a number of international DJ’s will make their appearance in the club. There will be lots of surprises, special performances, and so on. So check out the club’s website ( (read more)

Why no check out the new website of Café d’Anvers? You’ll find all the information that you need on one of Belgium best clubs. But even more important, Café d’Anvers will be celebrating it’s 13th birthday soon. And for the first time, it will be on a different location (Waagnatie, Antwerp). The party will be […] (read more)

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