Winners CD compilation contests!

by stea

It’s time to announce the winners for our CD Compilation contests! Winners for the Carré compilation cd are David De Ridder, Dendauw Lieven, Casto Mariana, Isabelle Folens and Hanne Valcke.

For the International Tuning sounds vol. 6 CD: Ken Corremans, Matthias Cleenewerck, Jelle Decnodder, Martens Davy and Braun Alexander.

The three Mixmania 2005 01 cd’s go to Dieter Geernaert, Maarten De Man, Cindy Eyckmans.

Now Dance 2005 02 winners are: Mornie Caroline, Verlee Pascal and Lieve Cosyns

All winners will shortly receive their CDs via mail!

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