Sven Van Hees – Synesthesia full cd

by wim

Sven Van Hees - Synesthesia full cd

Searching for the perfect CD when enjoying the hot summer nights? Then take a look at the new full CD Synesthesia by Sven Van Hees.

Ever since Sven Van Hees was born he heard “colours”. He always took it for granted but only recently found out it has a name : Synesthesia. A rough estimate says only one in 25 000 people born have it.

Synesthesia is Sven’s first cd that includes guest performances and vocal tracks. Two tracks, the summery housegrooves and singles The sun goes down and Eneas were written and sung by Dutch vocalist/mc Lex Empress. The cd contains a nice selection of summer tracks with pop, latin, lounge and jazz influences. The full tracklisting is below:

  1. The sun goes down
  2. Sophiesticated lady
  3. The one 4 me
  4. Bossambique
  5. Eneas
  6. Kundalini
  7. Bonne Bay blues
  8. Mr & Mrs Ward
  9. Amish Gansta Rappin’
  10. How Dracula got his groove back
  11. Booty Frutti

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