Marsha : Tales of DJ Philip II and LD30 – Distant Places

by wim

Marsha, the original singer and lyrics-writer of Ian Van Dahl’s Castles in the sky will bring out some new material in the near future…

The song Distant Places by LD30 feat. Marsha is 100% done and the record company is very confident that it’ll become a hit! As soon as I have heard the final version I’ll let you know if they speak the thruth ;-). The non-final version I heard a month ago was already very nice so….

DJ Philip – resident DJ at the Illusion club and also known as producer of Zippora’s Lotus Eater – will bring out a new Tales of DJ Philip II with the beautiful voice of Marsha. A few weeks ago, DJ Philip recorded together with Marsha the new song in the studios of Philip and Regi (from Milk Inc.) and it’ll be released in two months

Source: Marsha / LD30

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