Celebrate with Lasgo and Ian Van Dahl!

by stea

So here we are: we promised you a big contest on dancevibes.be yesterday and today is the day. But before we tell you how to win, we will tell you more about the fantastic prize that you can win.

A&S Productions / W64 Music is holding a big party to celebrate the huge success of Lasgo and Ian Van Dahl both in Belgium and abroad. The event will include live performances of both Lasgo and Ian Van Dahl, the introduction of a new dance act and beats by dj’s ‘G-bric, Kurt, Jan Vervloet, Dimitri Chantzis.

All of this will take place Friday February 28th, 2003 in club Carré (Willebroek, Belgium) and starts at 21:00. You and a friend can be there, seeing that dancevibes.be will be giving away several duo-tickets so that you can attend the party! Prerequisite is that you live in or near Belgium so that it is sure that you will be able to be there and party with Lasgo and Ian Van Dahl.

What do you have to do? It’s simple: give us the full names of the female singers (Evy and Annemie) of Lasgo and Ian Van Dahl. Hint: browse through dancevibes.be :-)If you are one of the first people that send us a mail with the correct answer, you could join us to see Lasgo and Ian Van Dahl live!

Please mail the answer to steviy@dancevibes.be And don’t forget to mail us your full address !!!!

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