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JimTV will be previewing I Love Techno 2008 by looking back at the 2007 edition. You can watch the special edition on Tuesday October 28 (21h30), Thursday October 30 (18h30) and Friday October 31 (21h30) (read more)

The Lektroluv label guarantees quality and Fake Motherfuckers by Ampersand is a real quality dancefloor trasher. Check out the wacky video and dance! (read more)

Check out Katerine’s new website on . We can’t wait to see the new video. (read more)

Praga Khan’s driving force, Maurice Engelen, will be releasing a solo album early next year. Maurice says that the sound will be quite different from the usual Praga Khan sound and that he will experiment a lot. Currently there are already 7 demo tracks. We will keep you posted. (read more)

You can download Katerine’s new single Upon the catwalk on iTunes now. You can also see great pictures of the video on Katerine’s Facebook (read more)

A new edition of the successful Tuning Beats compilation series hits the shelves this week. This harddance compilation consists of 3 CDs abd brings you the latest releases of DJ Basik, Chicago Zone, Q-IC, Greg C, The Playboyz, Max Walder, Coone and many more. (read more)

Our favorite electropunks Nid and Sancy release their new single Kidzz in November, backed up with remixes by Ooga Booga , Skyve Reuter and Vermin Twins. You can already listen to single on their MySpace . And more good news: Nid and Sancy?s forthcoming album is scheduled for release January 2009. We will keep you […] (read more)

AnnaGrace’s first single, You make me feel is still a big worldwide hit, but now the second single is coming… and we expect this to be another big hit. Let the feeling go is the title of the new song and you can listen it by downloading Peter Lut’s Groovenight feed:// (read more)

Remember the big 1999 hit Flat Beat? Well, the artist who made this track – Quentin Dupieux, better known as Mr. Oizo – is back with a new record and single. The CD is called Lambs Anger and here is the tracklist:1. Hun2. Pourriture 23. Z4. Cut Dick5. Two Takes It6. Rank7. Bruce WIllis is […] (read more)

The Subs have been responsible for some great tracks over the past couple of years: You Make Me Spill, Fuck That Shit, Substracktion and off course the hitsingle Kiss My Trance. But now, after some heavy fighting with the machines, it is time to release a full album: Subculture . They call it a dance […] (read more)

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