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City Parade 2006 will take place on Saturday June 24th 2006! More details will follow later 🙂 (read more)

  • December 28,2005

A limited one sided vinyl with the Basto! Guitarra remix of Ian Van Dahl‘s latest single Movin’ On has been released. This mix is similar to the Basto! Radio Edit on the CD Single release, but ofcourse longer 🙂 Check out the soundsample here!! (read more)

The new VERSUZ First Floor Finest compilation vol. 7 is out. As usual CD1 was mixed by Dave Lambert while CD2 is by the hands of Bart Maes The tracklisting includes clubhits from Axwell (Feel the vibe), Joey Negro, Dave Lambert vs Elektrokid and many more…! We can give away 3 Versuz Volume VII cds! […] (read more)

After 12 years of producing Regi Penxten has released his “Best Of” album featuring the best Milk Inc., Sylver, Jessy, Katerine, Flesh & Bones, Anneke Van Hoof, … tracks. A bonus DVD is also included with all the videoclips! We can give away 3 Regi – The Best Of compilation cd/dvds! Check our contests page! (read more)

  • December 18,2005
  • regi

A few months ago Axelle Red had a hit in Belgium with I Had A Dream. Now normally Axelle Red doesn’t release any electronic songs, but this time was different. With the help of Daan they created a great ‘Daan-style’ track. For the official French radio release the track was translated in French (J’ai fait […] (read more)

Ian Van Dahl will release their new cdsingle Movin ‘on on December 12th. The cdsingle contains the Radio Edit and the Basto Radio edit. Peter Luts & Annemie Coenen are responsible for this nice track 🙂 Update: Watch the videoclip shot in Club Versuz! (read more)

DJ Wout (from Sylver) newest single is called Somebody else and has been released on vinyl and CD Single. The vinyl contains the following remixes: Somebody Else (extended), Somebody Else (Housetrap remix), Somebody Else (Stormtraxx remix) and Somebody Else (Elektrokid Like Rap remix). The CDSingle contains the extended and radio edit. Listen to the cdsingle […] (read more)

Bonzai’s Trance Progressive label has released Skyline ft. Elisabeth – Traveling, a track created by 2 young british guys and a swedish girl. The vinyl contains Travelling, Travelling (Original mix) and an Belgian Airwave remix More info here! (read more)

In 2006 we can expect new work from Roxane which will return to her electro roots. We can already tell you the name of the full album: Push it (read more)

Want to see a real Indian Bollywood videoclip? Then check out the video of Housetrap ft. Dave Kane – Freak! Three remixes (Original, Radio version, Filterheadz) can be bought online at Mostiko’s downloadshop. (read more)

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