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Lasgo’s new single Surrender has been released in Belgium and starts getting played by the ‘big’ radios like Donna. The worldwide release is set on February 2th in Germany, Austria, Switserland and the Netherlands. UK follows later at the end of March 2004 This week the single Surrender was the highest new entry in the […] (read more)

Peter Luts remixed his track Long Island. The new remix will be available at the end of March. Peter is also working together with Dave McCullen on some brandnew projects while doing some DJ work too! Offcourse he’s still touring with Lasgo too! Dave McCullen will also release a new vinyl around March. Rumour says […] (read more)

At the end of January A&S will present a new project called Red Carpet. Their first single Alright is a house/groove track with the soul vocals from Ramona. The producers behind this project are Hétrix and Raffa (also the guys behind Sweet Coffee) (read more)

The german producers/djs Blank and Jones have confirmed that they will broadcast a mix by Dj Fire on their radioshow on the 31st of January between 23h and 24h.! (read more)

Armin has been working together with Mike on the label Club Elite. Their cooperation continues in the radioshow of Armin on ID&T radio, where he will broadcast an exclusive dj-set by Mike on Thursday the 22nd of January! (read more)

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A new Serious Beats will be released next week (January 26th) by NEWS: nr 44 – it sure shows you that this series has been around for a long time!   This new compilation includes a lot of new Belgian tracks such as Push – Electric eclips (Original mix), Ghost – Hey you (a & […] (read more)

Don’t know what to do tonight? Why not go to R&B, Fuse, Atmoz or Clubindustria? You can find all these great parties on our party calendar. Check it out ! (read more)

If you’re looking for some retro house classix, you should check out our review of The Very Best Of Real Retro House Classix! Read the review here! (read more)

P-magazine has a real treat for all you Sylver fans out there. This week, Sylvie – leading lady of Sylver – is on the cover of the magazine. Inside of the magazine, you can find a long interview and several hot pictures of one of Belgium’s biggest dance stars. Check it out ! (read more)

When did you start producing and why ? Producing… Well it’s a long story. When I started making music, I was totally into that ambient and movie scores thing. I just grew up with it. Then back in 94′, I remember that day very well, I was drawing in my bedroom, while listening to the […] (read more)

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