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The chat is open again! Start chatting with your fellow musiclovers at our chatpage! VIP-chats will also be organised regurarly! (read more)

  • November 13,2003
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Tonight the first full album of Biba Binoche was presented in ‘Het Elzenhof’ in Lier (Belgium). Dancevibes was there and saw Biba perform life … She sang 4 songs of the new album : Si douce, Je suis venue te dire que je m’en vais, Emmène-moi and her first single Je t’aime mélancolie. For those […] (read more)

The launch of Biba Binoche’s first album ‘Initials BB’ will not go unnoticed. Dancevibes has already reviewed the album and talked to Biba (the interview will be published soon). But that’s not all : a lengthy interview with Biba has also been published in Humo, one of Belgium’s best magazines ( In this interview Biba […] (read more)

What a surprise it was. A young French star, Biba Binoche, released a great cover of a song by Mylene Farmer (Je t’aime mélancolie) and instantly got a lot of airplay. Not much longer, it was revealed that this young star was actually Betty (a Big Brother contestant), who – up to that moment – […] (read more) is always trying to bring you the hottest information first… Today we can give you three names of future Ian Van Dahl tracks: Believe, Time to Go and Inspiration. One of those three will become the next single! (read more)

  • November 7,2003

Another P-magazine, another dance diva on the cover. This time the honours go to Linda from Milc Inc. You can find many excellent pictures and an extensive interview with Linda in this week’s P-magazine. A preview is available at the P-magazine website Check it out ! (read more)

  • November 6,2003

Zippora is back with a new track called Luminous & beautiful. The vinyl contains the Rudi Gouda mix, Soho remix and Original club mix. You can hear a soundsample on the Byte site! (read more)

  • November 3,2003

Ah, not all things “old” are bad … this point is proven by 00M-643 Mostiko’s excellent new release “Rio” (by The retro project). Rio has entered the Ultratop 30 Dance at 00M-642 number 7 (the highest new entry of the week). If you want to listen to the track, go and visit Enjoy ! (read more)

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