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On the site you can listen to two new tracks by Kira. They’re called Two Hearts and All my life Let know which one you love and why via their guestbook and you can win a night out with the gorgeous Kira! (read more)

Boss @ Nova – Stone Cold was the official Antwerp is Burning tune of this year and will now be released on vinyl and CD single. Boss @ Nova are already well known for their remix work (Junkie XL – Catch up to my step, nr 1 in the UK Club charts!) but are great […] (read more)

Eurostar, based in the USA and one of our new contributors has written up a review about the well-known Greatest Hits CD Double Cream from Milk Inc! Here is a teaser… Also not to be forgotten are the timeless tracks like Promise, Losing Love and Boy Meets Girl which without these great songs would make […] (read more)

Peter Luts, one of the well known producers of Lasgo has started its own A&S sublabel Nitrox. The vinylreleases on the label will be less commercial and more trancy. The first two releases on the label are: Peter Luts vs G-Bric – Hypnotize (a great track!) and Fiocco – Afflito 2003 part 1 & 2 […] (read more)

The Monotone Contest is still running… take your chance 🙂 We would like to see emails from as much different countries as possible! We can give away 4 EXCLUSIVE Showtape CDs to our visitors. The following tracks are on the CD: Monotone, Take me higher, Episode II, Imagination, Monotone Generation and Monotone Bass Brothers. These […] (read more)

  • May 25,2003

New Poll!

by wim

We’ve put a new poll online! Various people think that I Wonder is one of the best Lasgo songs. A&S said that the new single will be from the new album, so we will not be able to buy an I Wonder cd single with remixes. We want to hear your opinion: Should A&S release […] (read more)

Last wednesday the Ian Van Dahl crew went on tour to Columbia. Press (TV, radio’s) were all standing in line for interviews because last summer Ian Van Dahl scored a number 1 hit with Castles in the sky in Columbia. During the weekend several performances were planned: South Beach Party in Medellin on friday night, […] (read more)

  • May 21,2003

A new remix of the great Milk inc – In my Eyes has appeared on a Brazilian compilation CD. The remix is not surprisingly called Brazilian Sun Edit and has a summer feeling 🙂 A 12″ vinyl version of In my eyes will also soon be released in Brasil and contain the Brazilian Sun Extended, […] (read more)

You can listen to a demo version of the new BB (Betty) single called Si Douce on the official or at (read more)

  • May 15,2003

Mr Sam, originally from the north of France, but now based in Belgium and Fred Baker aka Frederick De Backer have joined forces to create a very nice progressive trance track called Forever waiting. Already in the playlist of DJ Tiësto the track has now been released on vinyl. You can find the Original mix […] (read more)

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