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Belgian recordlabel N.E.W.S has a new compilation cd in stores (as from April 7th)! “Heaven – Deep Trance Essentials” is a 2cd digipack including the essential long versions of the best contemporary deep trance featuring Delerium, Sasha, Dj Tiësto, Libra, Jan Johnston, BT, Satoshi Tomiie, Brother Brown and many more! It’s an ultimate collection of […] (read more)

Everybody knows the Beastie Boys song Fight for your right to party… well you can put the phrase in action (peacefully!) by signing the petition against the proposed Belgian law that’ll set the closing times of clubs/parties/pubs… to 6 o’clock in the morning! The law has passed the ‘Kamer’ but it still has to be […] (read more)

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