Fight for your right to party !

by wim

Everybody knows the Beastie Boys song Fight for your right to party… well you can put the phrase in action (peacefully!) by signing the petition against the proposed Belgian law that’ll set the closing times of clubs/parties/pubs… to 6 o’clock in the morning! The law has passed the ‘Kamer’ but it still has to be voted for in the ‘Senate’ before the Belgian elections which take place May 18th.

By signing the petition we can put pressure on the Senate politicians to think deeper about the implications of the law (eg. everybody is on the street at 6 o’clock possibly causing neighbourhood troubles, which ironically is something they want to prevent with this law) and hopefully change enough politician minds to reject the law.

When there are troubles with a club/cafe/party it should be handled on an individual basis with all partners (local community, organisers, people from the neighbourhood) to find a solution.

Sign the petition here !

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