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New remixes have appeared of the latest single Fallin by La Luna on the CD Maxi: Fallin (DJ Richard & Johnny Bass Radio Remix) Fallin (El Pico Remix) Fallin (Extended Mix) Fallin (Jean Paul Remix) Here I Am (Club Mix) Fallin (DJ Richard & Johnny Bass Remix) I believe this is the Spanish CD Maxi. […] (read more)

Those of you that know ‘Hasselt’, the hometown of the ‘Versuz’ club, will certainly remember the time that ‘Versuz’ was know as Dockside, a very well-known Belgian club. The club existed for over 13 years, but finally had to close its doors. But from its ashes, ‘Versuz’ was born in 2002. ‘ Versuz’ wants to […] (read more)

  • December 15,2002

It seems that Orion Too Feat. Caitlin has released a new Xmas song entitled White Christmas. It has been released in Japan (only?) on the compilation CD Cyber TRANCE presents X’mas TRANCE. (read more)

MONOTONE – Collector 1 is out now… This new production is a re-release of the Mega Hit Monotone that hit the market with a lot of succes four years ago. For more info or to buy the record on-line you can surf to the official site of ALC Productions (read more)

  • December 10,2002

Here are some of the new releases for Mostiko: Minimalistix: Magic Fly (check it out!) Junkie XL: Beauty never fades/Breezer double vinyl with Tiësto Remix Driftwood: Freeloader (also included on the Top Hits best of the year) (read more)

  • December 9,2002

We have updated our Dee Dee page with an updated biography and discography. Also take a look at the new pictures and soundsamples! Dee Dee @ (read more)

  • December 8,2002

Lasgo went up 20 places to number 67 in the Billboard TOP100, the official US singles charts, in their seventh week! It’s with their first single Something (which was already released in the summer of 2001 in Belgium… they do run a little bit behind :-)) (read more)

Dee Dee – The One is available on 2 PROMO 12″ from One is released on Incentive Rccords and comes with a Green Martian Mix and the Kidjemet and Kovac Mix. The second record is released on Freestyle Belgium and has an extended mix, the Kidjemet and Kovac remix and a 4 Clubbers remix. […] (read more)

  • December 6,2002

We have the latest tips for you to win the Mister E – When the rain begins to fall vinyl: – Don’t only LISTEN – the movement is the message… and Why not pick a small wallpaper? This was the question: What is the secret password or the URL of the Hall of Fame on […] (read more)

Today, we can announce the long expected release of MONOTONE feat. L.A. WORK MONOTONE – Collector 1.Out in Belgium mid December. This new production is a re-release of the Mega Hit Monotone, which was released in Belgium 4 years ago.Thanks to the support of a lot of fans, the track climbed up in different charts […] (read more)

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