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In their 10th week Lasgo climbs to the spot 46 in the US Billboard TOP100. Not too many Belgian groups have been able to achieve this! (read more)


by stea

Nothing to do at New Year’s EVE? Why not go out to Putte (near Mechelen) for the great Elementz party? Ken Ishii, Trish, Speedy J and many others will make you go out of your head. Dance the night away ! (read more)

We had to wait for it quite some time but now the wait is almost over. Sylver will release their next single called Living My Life on January 13th 2003 on 2 vinyls. On February 24th the CD Single of Living My Life will be released. A month later the full album called On The […] (read more)

The up-and-coming single Spiritual Feeling from Yves Deruyter is already hot. Promo-vinyls from Bonzai UK have been sent out and it’s already being played by Judge Jules! This promo vinyl contains the tracks Spiritual Feeling and Y D O T. (read more)

  • December 22,2002

At the moment, the first release Melody of Lolo is still scoring very big in the UK but the new one is already finished. It will be called Extended Horizon and will be released on Camouflage for the Benelux around February 2003. Lolo is a project by Laurent Veronnez (L-Vee). (read more)

  • December 22,2002
  • lolo

Here is the Remixology of Peter Luts and Lasgo. All the remixes have a very distinctive “Lasgo” sound so if you like the group it might be worth checking out some of his remixes… Atomic Kitten – The Tide Is High [Lasgo Remix]Aurora – The Day It Rained Forever [Lasgo Remix]Driftwood – Freeloader [Lasgo Remix] […] (read more)

Tracks remixed by Orion Too in 2002 Minimalistix – Close Cover Ayumi Hamasaki – Daybreak (read more)

We would like to thank all our visitors for voting for us on the Clickx Site of the year 2002 awards. We managed to get to number 30 in a list of 100 nominees. Not bad at all if you take into account that we were at a bit of disadvantage because the voting was […] (read more)

  • December 17,2002

Over the next few days I hope to chronicle the remixes and extra material done by various artists. Today we start with Minimalistix…All the following tracks have Minimalistix mixes. – 4 Strings – Diving– Ayumi Hamasaki – Free And Easy– Darkly Basic vs DJ Pascal Lacroix – Breaking The Waves– Decoy and Roy – Inner […] (read more)

A new vinyl appeard of Orion Too – So Shy On the tracklisting you can find some new remixes: So shy (DJ Serge trance mix) So shy (Dj Serge hard mix) So shy (Nord vs bonka remix) So shy (FTW XL remix) (read more)

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