Lasgo / Peter Luts Remixology

by wim

Here is the Remixology of Peter Luts and Lasgo. All the remixes have a very distinctive “Lasgo” sound so if you like the group it might be worth checking out some of his remixes…

Atomic Kitten – The Tide Is High [Lasgo Remix]
Aurora – The Day It Rained Forever [Lasgo Remix]
Driftwood – Freeloader [Lasgo Remix]

Astroline – Close My Eyes
Dee Dee – The One
Milk Inc – Walk On Water
Milk Inc – Livin’ A Lie
Ian van Dahl – Castles In The Sky
Ian van Dahl – Will I?
Delerium – Underwater
Des Mitchel – The World Is Yours
Peter Luts – Pacific Wish
Jimmy Goldschmitz – Horizon
Kate Ryan – (UR) My Love
Starsplash – Free
Vincent de Moor – Eternity

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