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On Number 1 we can find Ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell with her version of It’s raining men. (I still find the original Weather Girls version the best one!). Looking at the Belgian dance acts we first come across newcomer Lasgo with Something at nr 19 ! Their second single Alone is also present; at nr […] (read more)

  • December 28,2001

As seen on the Zillion site, Zillion @ Antwerp will reopen January 19th, 2002. This new has been confirmed by Zillion Public Relations Manager Dennis Black Magic. (read more)

We want to bring you a lot more CD reviews during 2002. As we can’t possibly buy all the dance cd’s/vinyls that come out on the Belgian market, we would like to ask the artists, record companies,… if they can send us CD’s and/or Vinyls for review. We have an international audiance of musiclovers from […] (read more)

  • December 26,2001

The devilish lyrics of the D-Devils are now online ! Check them here ! (read more)

Sylver lyrics

by wim

We have added some additional Sylver lyrics (Secrets, The smile has left your eyes and more….) (read more)

A Merry Christmas to all !!! – the crew (read more)

We have our 2 Fabiola biography/discography online ! 2 Fabiola was one of the earlier dancegroups in Belgium which had huge successes in Belgium, Italy and Spain. The members of that group do/did also have some side projects: Zohra, Punk Mission, Nunca, Pat Krimson … so we decided to include them too in our coverage […] (read more)

The ringtones for Lasgo, Sylver and Ian Van Dahl are back online. Sorry for the errors you were getting previously. (read more)

I added the lyrics of Will I by Ian Van Dahl here. More updates to follow… (read more)

  • December 19,2001

I have added 2 Fabiola lyrics to our lyrics page. Soon I’ll have an artist page up about 2 Fabiola too ! (read more)

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