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The new single by Laurent Wery, Hear My Sound, is doing great in the Ultratop singles chart. The track is now number 20 in its 4th week, no doubt helped by the sexy video. You can see the uncensored version here. (read more)

Both P-Magazine and Humo have written rave reviews on Nid & Sancy’s new album Yeah Yeah Yes. Dancevibes will be reviewing the CD soon, but we can already tell you that we love it too. (read more)

End of April, Jessy will release a new single with Michael Beltran, but now she is touring in the UK in the Dance Nation tour (6 shows) together with Sash, Booty Luv, Basshunter and Cascada. Check out the clip below, she is looking great. (read more)

It’s been a long time coming, but Ella Elle l’A will finally get an official UK release. According to the UK media, the English version will be released on April 27. To support Kate Ryan, you can vote for her on the British MTV Dance Chart. (read more)

You can watch a video preview of the new AnnaGrace single Let The Feelings Go below. It’s quite a different sound compared to You Make Me Feel. Tell us what you think ! (read more)

We still remember the two City Parade editions held in Ghent in 2003 and 2004 lively. The music, the party people, the vibes were great 🙂 However it seems that lately it’s pretty hard to persuade Flemish cities for permissions to organise a new edition. Seems like the cities of Liège and Charleroi in Wallonia […] (read more)

We all love Soulwax / 2 Many DJs and it is rumored that Madonna loves them too and has asked the boys to produce her next full album. In the mean time, Soulwax has cooperated with Tiga and you can listen to the new song Shoes … which is rumored to feature vocals by Madonna […] (read more)

This week, Radio MNM held a Back to the 90ies week with the best 999 music tracks from the ninetees! Snap – Rhythm is a dancer was chosen as the best song of the 90ies. We couldn’t agree more 🙂 It was not the only classic dance track in the Top 10 though, check it […] (read more)

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Given the success of Katerine‘s version of Ayo Technology, the record company has decided to release a video for the song, which is a mixture of old and new material. Tell us what you think! (read more)

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