Video for Ayo Technology by Katerine

by stea

Given the success of Katerine‘s version of Ayo Technology, the record company has decided to release a video for the song, which is a mixture of old and new material. Tell us what you think!


Well, she did a nice job in turning it into a poppy dance song.
I still prefer Milow ‘s version though…

But these 2 versions are way better then the original…

Maybe she can score a hit with this, but I’m affraid people are gonna say that’s indeed the 2nd time a Belgian artist is covering this song…

Alos, it would be nice to see this as a bonus track for a new edition of her latest album. I think it would boost the sales…


Psy D-Groover on April 3, 2009

I think they did a very good job with this cover… I like it as much as the original (which doesn’t happen often for me 🙂


wim on April 4, 2009

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