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After the fabulous track Re-arrange, Roxane has just released a 00M-645 new video for Fashion, the 00M-646 new single. If you want to see the stylish new video, visit the website of Mostiko ( (read more)

Roxane has released an excellent new single, re-arrange (as a follow up to her Whitney Houston cover, I wanna dance with somebody). You can read the complete review on (read more)

Roxane’s next single is called Re-Arrange and will be released on March 18th. You can watch the video on the updated Roxane website. Roxane is also recording her debut album “Jennifer Lopez that’s not me” (working title) with her producers Mon and Decoy, responsible for projects like Decoy & Roy, Boss@nova and Nord vs Bonka. (read more)

Ever wanted to be a star in a video? Now’s your chance … You can become the star in Roxane her new video. You can choose on which you think will be her new single, listen to them give a vote and also make your vote clear on the Roxane or Mostiko guest book. […] (read more)

As promised you can now read our Roxane interview! (read more)

Yesterday the first single of Roxane – the revelation of the moment – was released on the Mostiko label. Dancevibes has taken this opportunity to ask her some questions. This interview will be put on-line one of the coming days!!! More info can already be found on her official site (read more)

Roxane, a new face of the Mostiko label, gained musical experience in the past as a female singer with the so called act Spirit. Love’s gonna save me became a Belgian hit but the success couldn’t be repeated. Roxane: I wanna dance with somebody is a song with which I can proof my skills as […] (read more)

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