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We have new ringtones available for your mobile phone! Check our ringtones page for the following new ringtones: 1 Giant Leap – My Culture A – Nothing Astor Piazzolla – Adios Nonino Cornershop – Lessons Learnt From Rocky I To III Db Boulevard – Point Of View Gigi D’ Agostino – The Riddle Gomez – […] (read more)

New Ringtones

by wim

We’ve reorganized our ringtones page, so you’ll find your favourite ringtone much faster. We also added a TOP50 of the most requested ringtones. Our ringtones page (read more)

New ringtones

by wim

We have added more new ringtones ! Ringtones from Sonic Inc, Whyzer, Tina Bride, The Bloodhound Gang and more can be ordered here. The most popular ringtones at the moment are from PPK – Resurection and Lasgo – Alone (read more)

New ringtones

by wim

We have new ringtones available on ! Check them out on our ringtones page ! I’ll be adding new ones regurarly. Note that you can only order these ringtones from Belgium at the moment! In the near future visitors from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switserland, Turkey and the United Kingdom […] (read more)

The ringtones for Lasgo, Sylver and Ian Van Dahl are back online. Sorry for the errors you were getting previously. (read more)

We’ve added ringtones to some of our artist pages ! (including Lasgo, Sylver, Ian Van Dahl, The Quest and Kate Ryan). Right now only Belgian people can order these ringtones. We are working on it to provide this service to our numerous foreign visitors too 🙂 (read more)

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