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  Peter Luts feat. Nivelle is the newest project by producer Peter Luts. The track Don’t go features the vocals of Michele Nivelle and was written by Peter Luts and Annemie Coenen. After having been released on vinyl in June on the Nitrox label, the track will be released on a CD Single release soon. […] (read more)

A new Club will open in Hasselt (Kanaalkom) from September 11th on. It’s called The Mixx. Peter Luts will become a resident DJ in the upperlevel where he plays mainly electro and groove. In the main room all styles will be played. In other news Peter told us that the new Lasgo album is almost […] (read more)

Peter Luts remixed his track Long Island. The new remix will be available at the end of March. Peter is also working together with Dave McCullen on some brandnew projects while doing some DJ work too! Offcourse he’s still touring with Lasgo too! Dave McCullen will also release a new vinyl around March. Rumour says […] (read more)

Peter Luts, known wigs for african american women as one of the producers of Lasgo has its own website now: You can find a lot of info about his productions, remixes (with soundsamples), studio, pictures and more!! And the design of the site is great too 🙂 (read more)

Peter Luts, one of the well known producers of Lasgo has started its own A&S sublabel Nitrox. The vinylreleases on the label will be less commercial and more trancy. The first two releases on the label are: Peter Luts vs G-Bric – Hypnotize (a great track!) and Fiocco – Afflito 2003 part 1 & 2 […] (read more)

Here is the Remixology of Peter Luts and Lasgo. All the remixes have a very distinctive “Lasgo” sound so if you like the group it might be worth checking out some of his remixes… Atomic Kitten – The Tide Is High [Lasgo Remix]Aurora – The Day It Rained Forever [Lasgo Remix]Driftwood – Freeloader [Lasgo Remix] […] (read more)

Peter Luts (well known from Lasgo and Astroline) will release a trance vinyl at the end of October. The track will be called Wonder and will be released on the A & S Freestyle label. It’ll be a one-side vinyl. (read more)

Peter Luts from Lasgo told us that he’s going to remix Delerium’s Underwater for EMI Germany and he’ll also make a Lasgo Remix for Aurora on Positiva Records (UK). After the great remixes for Milk Inc. and Ian Van Dahl we’re very excited that he’s now also getting international recognition. (read more)

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