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The new Flesh & Bones – My time has come is sold out on vinyl. (probably because it entered the Ultratop Dance on the 2nd position !) New vinyls with Systematic Parts & Terrapin remixes (+ original) will be released on July 22nd. The CD Single will be available in August. (read more)

The vinyl release of their newest single My Time Has Come is going to happen on July 15th. More info will follow soon. Check out the new single on Topradio 19/06 between 4.00 and 5.00PM and see them performing the new single live for the first time @ Mega On Air (June 21st.) 500 exclusive […] (read more)

Two new Rigor mortis remixes have appeared on vinyl: the Jam El Mar Remix and the Kyau vs Albert Remix. They are pretty special 🙂 (read more)

Flesh & Bones are doing it very well in the Ultratop single charts… still @ No. 11 after 10 weeks…(highest position No.9) Flesh & Bones is signed in these countries: UK (Multiply), Germany, Swiss, Austria, Spain, Israel, Holland, Estland & Canada (read more)

Flesh & Bones – Rigor Mortis has been signed to the UK with Multiply records. This is another addition to the already imposing list of signed countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Israel, Estland, Canada and the Netherlands … and the Scandinavian countries are coming too ! In Belgium, requests for performances are coming in after […] (read more)

Apart from Sky and Thomas, the official Flesh & Bones website is also coming: go to to check the (not-yet finished) website! In other news, there are new remixes coming for Flesh & Bones Rigor Mortis (I love you)! (read more)

Flesh & Bones’ Rigor Mortis (I love U) stays @ No. 9 in the Ultratop Single Chart for the second week now! Licensing deals have been made with several foreign countries and also there Flesh & Bones is set to hit the charts!!Signed in: Germany, Swiss, Austria, Spain, Israel, Holland, Estland & CanadaAlso UK will […] (read more)

We have a new artist page online. Everything you want to know about Flesh & Bones and their debut single Rigor Mortis (I love you).Check out the pages (read more)

This week Flesh & Bones just didn’t enter the Ultratop single chart top 10. They went up 3 places from 14 up to No.11 in the Ultratop single chart! International wise Flesh & Bones are also starting to get noticed by a lot of big companies as we already posted a few days ago. Rigor […] (read more)

Rigor Mortis has been signed to different countries already. An overview: Germany / Austria / Switzerland (Polydor/Zeitgeist) Israel (Helicon Records) Spain (Vale Music) Estonia (Estonian Artist Records) The Netherlands (CNR Music) (read more)

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