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A&S the record company behind multiple succesfull Belgian dance acts (eg. Absolom, Fiocco, Lasgo,Ian Van Dahl) has a new site online! You can find biographies, the full backcatalogue, mp3 samples, touragenta and more! Check out A&S! (read more)

  • February 25,2005
  • A&S

Tonight we all have to watch the programm Het Vermogen on Canvas TV. (22:20 local time) Het Vermogen puts a spotlight on succesfull Belgian companies who have much success in other countries. This time they’ve chosen A&S. Interviews will be done with Peter Luts (producer), Stefan Wuyts (manager) and Annemie Coenen (singer). Images shot during […] (read more)

  • May 23,2004
  • A&S

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