Your lounge your music 3

by wim

This 2CD offers downtempo as it was meant to be: mellow, funky and sensual – music to relax by and while away the time. So Your Lounge Your Music 3 is a patchwork of established downtempo acts like Sven Van Hees (his ‘Summer Serenade’ is an obscure limited vinyl release), Fila Brasilia and Alex Cortiz; the cream of the underground (Quantic, Soul ‘N Soda, Frankie Valentine); obscure classics (Capsule, Cool Water, Tricky Cris); and exclusive tracks by Arnica Montana, Marco Balocco and Angel Tears. The overall mood vibes ‘Summer’ and ‘Balearic’. Your Lounge Your Music 3 collects some of the best music the current downtempo scene has to offer!!

  • June 27,2002

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