The end of Sonic Solutions

by wim

Bad news for the fans of Sonic Solutions. After 3 years of success, this dance act will stopperforming. But at the end of this year, there will be a new Sonic Solutions release, it will be a complete other style then the other releases, aiming at a new clubhit without an stage act.

There are several reasons why they have decided to stop, one of those reasons is the crisis in the music industry.

Sonic Solutions (also known as Solid Solution) has had about 160 performances, in Belgium, The Netherlands and even one at Liverpool, together with their keyboard man Frank Mathijssen and their dancers Loes Van Der Mast and Sofie stercks. Their big hit was The Logical Song, which got to number 4 in the Belgian charts.

The producers, Joris Van Dijk and Michel Clerx, will stay active, producing music for several other projects,…

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