Sylver – Wild Horses & DVD Little Things

by wim

After Livin’ My Life, Why Worry and Shallow Waters, Sylver will release a fourth song from their album Little Things. Wild 00M-640 horses will be released soon. A video has been made in Disneyland Paris and it will be on tv at the middle of November.

Sylver performed in Disneyland Paris to promote their new DVD.

Sylver in Disneyland Paris

In this package, you get the CD with all the songs (the same as Little Things Album). But there are also some Bonustracks, like: Livin’ my life (Groove Coverage RMX); Livin’ my life (Filterheadz vocal); Why worry (Noemi RMX); Why worry (Philip D RMX) and Confused (CJ Stone original)

Of course, you also get a DVD with some nice video’s like Livin’ My Life, Why Worry and Shallow Water. Furthermore, you also get The Making of Livin’ My Life. Last but not least, there are some extras on this DVD, like Sylver Photoshoot, Biography, Pictures,…

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