Sideline : Rez

by stea

What do you get when you mix great music with great visuals and simple but addictive gameplay? A classic named Rez. Originally created by Sega in 2001, Rez has lost little to nothing of its beauty and genius. Even if you’re no fan of games, you should check out the tracks and the visuals of the game (maybe you’ll get some inspiration ;)). Ken Ishii contributed to the soundtrack, but all tracks deserve a place in your library (if you can find them).

  • Keiichi Sugiyama – Buggie Running Beeps 01
  • Mist – Protocol Rain
  • Ken Ishii – Creation the State of Art (Full Option)
  • Joujouka – Rock Is Sponge
  • Adam Freeland – Fear*
  • Coldcut & Tim Bran – Boss Attacks (Remix)
  • EBZ – F6 G5
  • Oval – Octaeder 0.1.
  • Ken Ishii – Creative State
  • Oval – P-Project
    • August 18,2008

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