Updated New Shameboy releases coming up: Rechoque and At the Pyramid Marquee

by stea

It’s been a while since Shameboy released a single, but they’ll be back in May. On May 11, Shameboy will be re-releasing a reworked version of Rechoque, the first single Shameboy released in 2005. 4 mixes will be available: Rechoque Redux (a new mix by Shameboy), Rechoque (Alex Gopher Remix), Rechoque – Fukkk Offf Remix – and a Markus Lange Remix of Rechoque. You can pre-listen to all the tracks on Shameboy’s myspace.

Shameboy Rechoque redux EP

One week later, Shameboy will be releasing At the Pyramid Marquee, the report of a trip recorded live at Rock Werchter in 2008 containing 10 tracks. We can’t wait!

Shameboy at the Pyramid Marquee


  1. Stumble
  2. Sunday Punk
  3. Rechoque
  4. Slaxx
  5. Monofour
  6. Our Peggy ate her
  7. Timeskipper
  8. Strobot
  9. Splend it
  10. Heartcore

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