See T. Raumschmiere in Antwerp

by stea

We already reported that, after years of waiting, Marco Haas aka T.Raumschmiere is finally releasing his next album. ‘I Tank U’ is the end result of a musical progress: it’s dark electronica, techno history, songwriting, jammed in a terrific rock record.

The number of featuring guests on this album is remarkable. Not only you can hear a real band playing more than ever before, but due to all the guest vocalists, this album contains no tracks but songs. Many names may seem surprising at first: the notorious energy rappers from Deichkind with The Crack Whore Society on the swansong ‘Brenner’, the alien rappers from the Puppetmastaz collective on ‘Animal Territory’, the great Tim Vanhamel from dEUS and Millionaire, the artist duo Warren Suicide, as well as Dutch Lilian Hak and newcomer Berliners Barbara Panther and Gene Serene.

You can check out T.Raumschmiere at Petrol (Antwerp).

  • November 7,2008

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