Prism – Edge of Heaven

by wim

Another release from Art Music Group:

Prism – Edge of Heaven will be released on vinyl in Belgium on February 25th. Spain will also see this vinyl soon. The company Toco International has also signed this track and this company does releases in Africa, Asia, Australia and more!

A CD Single will certainly follow in Belgium. We’ll keep you updated about the exact date!

Some info about the people behind the Prism project:

Ariane Jansoone is a newcomer in the Belgian producer scene (and one of the only belgian female producers!). Together with Liam Mc Fish, a scottish producer, they produced Edge of heaven. Liam Mc Fish already worked together with Regi Penxten and Milk Inc. on their first hit La Vache.

The 12 inch vinyl contains an original mix, an instrumental mix and Regi’s Remix. The style is commercial dance crossover with a Jam & Spoon guitar sample.

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