Orion Too feat. Caitlin diary May 13th 2002

by wim

Let’s take a break for 5 minutes! I had a very busy weekend in Spain. It was very nice, but very tiring! On Friday night we took the plane to Allicante, to perform at 5 O’Clock in the morning!! The Spanish are going out even later than we do, with their Clubs opening at midnight following their restaurants opening at nine in the evening. No wonder that they need their famous Siesta! You try and find a shop that is open between 14.00 and 17.00!? No, you’d better get a nap, that’s what they do… but it was fun!

Spanish people are definitely party-people! In Club KKO, everybody, and I mean everybody, went crazy when they heard the tunes of You and Me and Hope and Wait! It’s strange how foreigners always seem more enthusiastic. The day after at The Groove in Madrid, the 3000 strong party crowd raised their hands when I screamed ARIBA LOS MANOS! (the only words I know in Spanish)! Back at the hotel, we caught a quick 2 hour snooze, before we took the plane back home… Needless to say, I’m tired!

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