Minimalistix – Close Cover in the UK

by wim

Last Monday March 4th, Ministry Of Sound released Minimalistix Close Cover in the UK and they expected to do more than well in the charts…Because of the massive hype around the ‘piano track’ they expected a high entry in the UK charts!

The expected happened: Minimalistix entered @ No. 12 in the official UK Single Chart and the record company hopes it’ll climb some more chart-spots in the UK over the next weeks!

In the UK Dance Charts (vinyl sales) it entered @ No. 4 which is obviously a great result!

A Summary of the chart entries: UK National single Chart @ No.12, UK Dance Chart @ No. 4, UK Club Chart @ No. 1, UK Cool Cut Chart @ No. 1 and UK Buzz Chart @ No. 2

Ministry Of Sound also decided to release the next single from Minimalistix for the UK!!

Minimalistix is going global in the next coming weeks with scheduled releases for Close Cover in Australia, Spain, Italy, South Africa, South America, Holland, Germany, USA, Scandinavia, Greece, …

Buy the CD Single/Vinyl of Close Cover.

  • March 11,2002

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