Milk Inc. goes to Rock Werchter 2009

by wim

No, no, it’s not an April 1st joke; you’ve read that correctly…

Milk Inc. will play at Rock Werchter in the Pyramid Marquee on July 5th!


Funny , i saw Lady Gaga also on the lineup.
If rock werchter becomes ‘Dance werchter’ that would be funny/great.
That would be a reason to go there , atm no thanks too much rock :p.
Looks like the belgian dance is gaining a lot of popularity lately (with ‘i love the 90’s’ and old projects coming back …). It’s even infiltrating the rock scene now, nobody can kill the virus lol. Help, It’s taking over the world.
Die rock die (sorry couldn’t help myself , evil me :p).


Zaro on April 10, 2009

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