Marsha news: Distant Places and All Night Long

by wim

Martine Theeuwen aka Marsha X, who did the vocals and wrote the lyrics for Ian Van Dahl‘s Castles in the sky has teamed up with the US producers from LD30.

Their first creation Distant Moments is now available on vinyl and you can buy it here. Three mixes are on the vinyl: Original mix, Mike Rizzo’s dub and “Global” dub.

Marsha had also been asked to do a vocal remix of Tales of DJ Philip – All night long (Vocal 2002 Mix). Tales of DJ Philip is a cooperation between Philip Meers and Regi Penxten. (Milk Inc.). This remix is not yet available on cd single or vinyl but you can already find it on the latest C-Dance compilation album called Phuture Classicz Sexter. (Buy here !)

More info and soundsamples can be found on

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