Lasgo wins European Border Breakers award

by wim

At the MIDEM 2004 musicconference in Cannes (France), Lasgo was one of the winners of the European Border Breakers award. This award, given out by the European Commision, wants to enhance the exchange/export of popmusic across country borders.

Lasgo wins European Border Breakers award at Midem 2004

Other winners were Masterplan (Germany), The Darkness (UK), The Thrills (Irland), Tiziano Ferro (Italy), Carla Bruni (France), Saybia (Denmark), Mariza (Portugal) and Las Ketchup (Spain)

The 9 winners were selected on the following criteria:

  • first original album from artists or groups from an EU country
  • number of record sales achieved outside their country of origin in the 15 member states, between 27/11/2002 and 26/11/2003.

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