LA ROCCA 2002/1 CD

by wim

Legendary, worldly renowned and Sundays. That is what La Rocca, Belgian’s best known club, wants to show you with the new La Rocca compilation. The tracks were carefully selected and amazingly mixed by Marko, La Rocca’s Sunday resident jock.

Enjoy the unique La Rocca atmosphere while listening to D*Note’s ‘Shed my skin’ in a fine Pete Heller mix. The Praise Cats show you what the club is all about with ‘Shined on me’. The ultimate La Rocca feeling is also brought to you by a Mr. Sam & Mikka remix of Todd Terry’s ‘Groove for life’. ‘Still in the groove’ by Reckless and Drumguru’s ‘Jaguar car’ are destined to take things to a higher level. Slam’s ‘Virtuoso’ is completing the list, assuring you a maximum Sunday sensation. This La Rocca compilation stands out by blending a wide variety of genres, though with a particular feature in common: the unique Sunday vibe.Enjoy the magical atmosphere and in Marko’s own words “Just feel the music…”.

LA ROCCA 2002/1 tracklisting

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