Kate’s French Connection

by stea

Kate Ryan’s next album will be called French Connection. The CD will be released in Belgium on the 23th of October. The title suggests that it’s going to contain a lot of French covers again. What’s your opinion? Do you still like her covers or want her to bring out more original material?


NOOOOOOO more covers please, Kate, your too good to waste your talent like this!


Paul on September 16, 2009

Kate does not need to do anymore cover what happened to her original stuff her diffrent album was amazing


Jeremy on September 21, 2009

I love Kate’s covers, they are so professionally made and sung, really Babacar is a summer hit! Go Kate!


Matt on September 27, 2009

Kate rulez!!! Ze is echt goed live! en ik heb er echt geen probleem mee dat het covers zijn! Op haar album staan zelf geschreven nummers..DUS!!


Elise on September 30, 2009

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