Ian Van Dahl – Secret love released in the USA

by wim

Thanks to Aaron for letting us know that the latest Ian Van Dahl single Secret love was also released in the USA. (Secret Love was not a worldwide release, only certain countries released this song on vinyl/cdsingle). The USA CD single contains the following remixes: Midnight radio mix, C(hantzis) & V(anspauwen) radio mix, Original radio mix, Midnight extended mix, C & V extended mix and Wierzbicki remix.

The midnight mix has a more “pulsating” trance melody than the original mix (similar to the Ian van Dahl mix of Dee Dee “Forever” compared to the original mix of “Forever”). The C&V mix is somewhere in between. The Wierzbicki remix is the most different, with a littleharder sound and other nice touches.

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