FRONT 242 to release Moments on vinyl

by wim

To satisfy the pressing demand from their steadfast fans and DJ’s, FRONT 242 have decided to offer them a true and rich treasure, the official double-LP vinyl edition of their recent Moments live album. This is a unique opportunity for the fans of electronic music to forever own a true piece of music history on vinyl format that is bound to become a collector item in no time.

The 300 first and numbered editions are issued on audiophile 180 gram black vinyl. The double-LP is also available on transparent red vinyl and
transparent blue vinyl. These unique items will be sold for the first time at FRONT 242’s special concert taking place in Vosselaar (Belgium) this Friday 27th February 2009.

Side A:
01. Happiness, 02. Body to Body, 03. Religion, 04. Welcome to Paradise
Side B:
05. Commando Remix, 06. Lovely Day, 07. Until Death, 08. Moldavia

Side C:
09. Funkhadafi, 10. Loud*, 11. Together, 12. U-Men
Side D:
13. Im Rhythmus Bleiben, 14. HeadHunter, 15. Kampfbereit*, 16. Punish Your Machine

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