Exclusive: Bonzai is Back… or is it Banshee is Born

by wim

Banshee Worx is a new independent company founded by 4 friends that went through a difficult period the last couple of months as a result of the closure of Lightning Records.

The four friends are Yves Deruyter, L-Vee, Marnik (Bonzai’s former international manager) and last but not least Fly, owner of Bonzai.

Banshee Worx has signed the license of the Bonzai trademark, so be prepared for a re-launch of some old labels such as Green Martian, Progrez, Rebelgrooves and of course all the Bonzai labels. You’ll be meeting some old friends as well, such as Push, Yves Deruyter, Airwave, Philippe Van Mullem, Fire and Ice and many more…

More info at www.bonzaimusic.com!

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