Estuera – Tales From The South

by wim

Jonas Steur, born in 1982 in the belgian village Hamont-Achel, was already interested in music since he was very young. Influenced by the classical music of his mother and the 70’s progressive rock of his father he got a taste for both beautifull melodic and electronic music.

After doing a track for the first Ian van dahl album (A.C.E., Tomorrow) he signed the first Estuera tracks (Travels/ 7 clouds) to Tiesto’s Black hole recordings.

Estuera - Tales From The South vinyl

After that things started to move really fast. The project ‘Estuera’ is getting really succesfull with already several tracks signed to Tiesto’s personal label magik muzik, joining the ranks of Mojado, Mark Norman, Fred Baker and such. Estuera – Tales from the south never left Tiesto’s record box since the man got it, playing it almost everywhere he went.

Check out Estuera for more info!

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