Efdemin mix CD

by stea

Phillip Sollmann aka Efdemin has been quite busy. He did not only release his first full-length album on Dial in 2007, but also put out remixes for Dessous, Bpitch Control, Morris Audio and Lan Muzic. And now, Efdemin releases his debut mix-cd, including tracks from respected producers such as Scott Grooves, Brothers Vibe, Minilogue, Dettmann and Klock, Patrice Scott, Surgeon, Photek and Tobias.
He has avoided a selection of easy hits in favour of a well thought out collection of secret weapons, personal favourites and undiscovered beauties.

The mix is released on Curle, the label where Efdemin released his biggest track to date, Acid Bells, that topped last year?s charts.

1. The Showroom Recording Series – Watcha Waiting For?
2. Patrice Scott – Deep Again
3. Craig Alexander – Soul Revival
4. Tony Foster – It Is All Around Us
5. Scott Grooves – Only 500
6. Brothers’ Vibe – Cuero Para Mi Gente (Altered Vibe Mix)
7. Tobias. – Second To None
8. Stephan Grieder & The Persuader – Kaos
9. Minilogue – Doiicie (A)
10. Surgeon – Floorshow (1.2)
11. Efdemin ? America (EXCLUSIVE TRACK)
12. Dettmann & Klock – Blank Scenario
13. Pigon – Kamm
14. Photek – T’ Raenon (Version)

  • November 13,2008

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