Boccaccio Life

by stea

It’s time to party again, now that the once famous club Boccaccio will be re-opening its doors on the 20th of September 2003. What’s more, Boccaccio has teamed up with Miss Bambi, the self-proclaimed. After one year, Miss Bambi moves from Club Versuz to Discotheque Boccaccio Life at Halen. Together with her crew she’s very determined to kick some base behind the doors of Boccaccio Life.

Miss Bambi re-opens Boccaccio Life in Halen on the 20th of September with a brand new interior and a lot of special acts. Two weeks later, on October 3, she will launch a new RnB concept on Fridays. The ‘Steamy RnB Nights’ already promise to become a big hit!

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