Belgian Club Classix – The Trance Collection

by wim

A must-have for everyone who loves Belgian dance music is the new compilation Belgian Club Classix – The Trance Collection.

Belgian Club Classix - The Trance Collection

CD1 focusses on the full length Club tracks while CD2 brings you the more commercial work. With classix like Fiocco – Afflitto, Absolom – Baby boomers, Ian Van Dahl – Castles in the sky and many more… you can’t go wrong. Hopefully this CD will be a first in a series as there are still a lot of great Belgian classix to fill some more CDs!


  1. ABSOLOM – Baby Boomers
  2. ABNEA – Velvet Moods (Original Mix)
  3. FIOCCO – Afflitto
  5. DJ JAN – X-Santo
  6. DJ PHILIP vs. DJ FRANCO – Harmony
  7. MAINCRASHERS – Atlantis 2000
  8. PETER LUTS & G-BRIC – Pacific Wish
  9. RAVELAB feat. PURWIEN – Send Me An Angel
  10. JIMMY GOLDSCHMITZ vs. PETER LUTS – Horizon (Peter Luts Remix)
  11. NASTY-B – Hunchback Of The Notre Dame


  1. IAN VAN DAHL – Castles In The Sky
  2. FIOCCO – The Spirit (Extended Vocal)
  3. LASGO – Something
  4. ASTROLINE – Feel The Fire (Extended Vocal)
  5. ABSOLOM – Secret (Extended Vocal Mix)
  6. SCOOP – Drop it
  7. DEE DEE – Forever (Original Extended Mix)
  8. TARA LOWE – Be With You
  9. PETER LUTS – Hypnotize
  10. DAVE MCCULLEN -Rave Heaven (Belgian Extended)
  11. NEIGHBOUR DJ’s – Frequency

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