Airwave – Another dimension and full album

by wim

The new single by Airwave (also known as Laurent Veronnez, L-vee, Green Martian and others) is now available on vinyl. The single is called Another Dimension and is taken from the forthcoming album Believe.

This vinyl also contains the wanted Flatline remix of his last hit Save me on the B-side.

An exclusive tracklist of the album Believe:

  1. I want to believe (Dolphin mix)
  2. Musings of a lifetime
  3. Save me
  4. Another dimension
  5. Devotion
  6. Above the sky 2002
  7. Alone in the dark
  8. Innerspace
  9. Ladyblue
  10. Theft of the spirit
  11. Sunspot (Don’t cry my love mix)
  12. Trust no One

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