A Fashion Party – LIVE (The Neon Judgement)

by stea

Last year, the Neon Judgement was one of the performers in the Rewind concert series. In this series, a band has to perform its most important album completely live. For the Neon Judgement, this was the album 1981-1984. The Neon Judgement has decided to release this album and it is called A Fashion Party Live at AB Bxl

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The Fashion Party
  • 3. Concrete ‘it feels so strong
  • 4. Too Cold to Breathe
  • 5. One Jump Ahead
  • 6. Nion
  • 7. Tv Treated
  • 8. Please Release Me, Let Me Gogo
  • 9. I Must Be On My Own
  • 10. Factory Walk
  • 11. Concrete – NY Stoney Wall Doll
  • September 18,2008

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