2009 Ultratop singles chart

by stea

In the 2009 Ultratop singles overview charts, the big winner was Lady GaGa (multiple entries and the overall number 1 position). So how did our big dance bands do? Milk Inc. has the highest entry at number 22 with Blackout. Sylver follows closely at number 29 with Foreign Affair (the band also makes it to number 60 with I Hate You Now). AnnaGrace is noted once at number 38 with Let The Feelings Go, followed by Lasgo in the number 39 spot.

In the 2009 album charts, Sylver makes it to the number 38 spot with Sacrifice and Lasgo only barely enters the top 100 at the number 95 position. But off course in the dance charts we see quite different results with a victory for AnnaGrace, who makes it to the 2009 number 1 spot! Lasgo has 2 entries in this chart at number 20 (Gone) and 80 (Lost).

Overall not a bad score for our bands, although we think that Lasgo might have wanted to end up a bit higher given al the promotion surrounding their comeback. Let’s see how they do in 2010!


A so-so year for Flemish dance music but you ignored Compilations. REGI – IN THE MIX 7 and 6 were number 2 and 3 in the 2009 ultratop compilaties. I am hopeful that Ameerah will improve things.


mad tony on January 31, 2010

I miss not hearing Evi Goffin 🙁 ………….


Jesse on June 30, 2010

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