Oxyd is a belgian dance project that is produced by Fred Vandermast (ex-Poco Loco Gang and 2 Black 4 U).

Angelica Van De Wouwer is the singer and Jol and Nathalie the dancers.

Their first single We’re gonna fly has been released on vinyl. The reactions were very positive and they expected a lot from their debut single. Unfortunately the song was not released on cd. By the time that the release was planned, a new number Find A Way was already written and recorded. The track was considered to be stronger and better. Only two weeks after the release, they are already on the playlist of Radio Contact. If this single will become a hit, they will consider to remix We’re gonna fly and to release it on single.

On May 6th 2002 the successor of Find a way, Before you go was released on CD Single.



Singles that have been released:

  • We’re gonna fly (vinyl)
  • Buy this record @ Proxis.be Find a way
  • Buy this record @ Proxis.be Before you go

Besides these links you can also find lots of new and used 12 inch/cd maxis/import versions of Oxyd at Buy this record @ GEMM.COM !

Find a way CD Single cover

Find a way CD Single cover

Before you go CD Single cover

Before you go CD Single cover

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